Batik Layer Cake

Package of ingredients to follow step by step
  • Batik Layer Cake Mix 80g
  • Lurpak Butter 110g
  • Digestive Biscuit 250g
  • Dutchiady Full Cream Milk 55g
  • Butterhouse Cream Cheese 250g
  • EuroNatra Berry Couverture 60g
  • EuroNatra Yoghurt Chocolate 30g
  • Arla Whipping Cream 50g
  • Hoi Icing Sugar 25g


  1. Crack the Digestive Biscuits.
  2. Melt the Lurpak Butter together with Full Cream Milk in a pan.
  3. Mix together the melt butter together with Batik Layer Cake Mix until well combined.
  4. Add in biscuit into the Batik Layer Cake mix and stir the biscuit until it throuhly coated.
  5. Put the batik mixture in a cake tin 6””x6” and spread evenly. Press the batik mixture until flat and put aside.
  6. Next for the topping, add in the Butterhouse Cream Cheese, Icing Sugar and Whipping
    Cream in a mixer and mix well.
  7. Transfer the cheese topping into piping bag and pipe onto the batik mixture evenly.
  8. Double boiled EuroNatra Berry Couverture together with Whipping Cream and Lurpak Butter. Drop small amount of purple colouring and mix it.
  9. Double boiled EuroNatra Yoghurt Chocolate, Whipping Cream and Lurpak Butter.
  10. Pour in the Berry topping on top of batik mixture and drop some yogurt Chocolate topping to make marble design. Chilled for 4-8 hours and ready to eat.