1. House of Ingredients will provide online delivery to any eCommerce Customer with minimum purchase of RM50 per Customer Order. The Delivery service will be to customer addresses within Malaysia only.

2. The Delivery charge is calculated based on the following :

  1. Distance of the Customer delivery address from our eCommerce Center.
  2. Total weight of all items purchased in the Customer order.
  3. Total volume space of all items purchased in the Customer order.
  4. Date of delivery selected (charges vary if the date falls on public holidays).
  5. Transporter selected for the delivery.

3. The Delivery charge will be paid by the Customer together with his online payment for his purchased items.

4. Each Customer Order will be fulfilled within 3 – 4 business days after the online payment.

5. The Transporter will deliver to ONE delivery address per Customer Order. The customer delivery address cannot be changed after the Customer Order is confirmed and paid.

6. The Customer is advised to be at his stated address to receive his items when the Transporter deliver his order.

7. If the Customer is not available at his stated address, the Transporter will contact the Customer and inform him of the attempted delivery. It is the responsibility of the Customer to contact the Transporter to arrange for the next delivery.

8. House of Ingredients will appoint at least two Transporters to provide the delivery service within Malaysia.

Our eCommerce Center business hours

Monday to Saturday
9:00 am to 6:00 pm
(Excluding Sunday and Public Holiday)